Rick Barker
College Park, Maryland


1970 Boss 302 Clone
My daily driver ...

1967 Shelby GT350
I bought this car April 3, 1979.  I still love it. 
It's all original except for paint and tires.  
It's an automatic, HiPo 289 with factory air. 
That's my Junk Yard Dog!



1970 Boss 302
I bought this super original
Drag-Pak Boss 302 in 1980. 
It completely original from exhaust
to paint.  4.30 gears....Sweet!


1969 Cougar 428CJ
Ram Air Convertible
I bought this Rare-Cat in 1984.  It's loaded including air,
leather interior and power windows.  I would not trade this Cobra Cougar for a KR convertible!


1968 Shelby GT500
 90% original paint.  All original under the
hood including thermactor, rebuilt original factory factory air and cop-motor
428 Police Interceptor.......Wow!


1969 Cougar Eliminator
351 4V, mint original white interior,
75% original paint.  This Cougar was a
30 year search because Mercury only
made 2200 Eliminators or 2% of the
1969 Cougar production.